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The most innovative wind abatement systems available

UF Before Armor Sceen Deployment

Our basic screen design fits almost any type of opening. Our screens only need to be anchored on the top and bottom or on both sides, not all four sides like some systems.

UF After Armor Sceen Deployment

We can do areas much larger then most products allow and maintain Miami-Dade codes. Shelters, fire rescue stations, auto dealerships, airports, store fronts, lanais and sliding glass doors are easily protected. Applications that are impossible with other products are accomplished with Armor Screen.

The system is transparent. Armor Screen’s unique inter woven design is 95% solid and 5% open, allowing you see out during the storm.

Armor Screen is light weight, weighting less then 1 pound per square yard, constructed completely of corrosion resistant materials, which allows for an easy deployment. Unlike traditional shutters Armor Screen can be released from the inside creating an exit if the situation calls for it. Once the storm passes simply take the screens down, fold them up and then store were ever convenient.

Winds of 150 mph, will be reduced to 5 mph as it passes through the screen. With Armor Screen the strength is virtually unmatched. Recent testing on Armor Screen exceeded pressures of 195 psf (276 mph). Armor Screen is flexible, in the event of an impact you want the screen to have room to absorb the impact. Our patented wind, rain & missile abatement system uses deflection to cushion the impact of objects as they strike the Armor Screen. Deflection distance varies with the height of the screen and is engineered for each opening. The flexibility allows Armor Screen more versatility in design then any other product while still exceeding code. Esthetics are always important in our installations so, flat, removable, paint able caps will be spaced around 2 feet apart.

In Florida Insurance companies are required by law to give discounts for homeowners who take certain steps in protecting there homes from potential hurricanes. The insurance discounts with Armor Screen and Foam Seal will help offset the cost of the hurricane protection.

It's Transparent!

Armor Screen's patented system uses a unique interwoven design which provides an excellent barrier to high winds and driving rain, yet you can see right through it. Replace the "dark cave effect" of traditional systems with natural light. Vibrations of rigid shutter during a hurricane can make a lot of noise. With Armor Screen this incredibly strong fabric makes little noise during the storm.

Easy to Deploy

Weighing less than 1 oz per sq. ft

strapTraditional rigid systems can take hours or even days to deploy. Aluminum panels come in sharp individual pieces. Armor Screen uses large sheets of light fabric for each area increasing safety and the ease of deployment. Armor Screen has less anchor points then traditional shutters which allows for less hardware to be installed in the structure and less anchor points to be fastened during deployment. Armor Screen’s buckle and strap system, is made of none moving parts. With simple directions it can easily be installed with no tools. The product is a geo synthetic textile that can be stored in almost any environment. After the storm the screens are easily folded up for storage. Tracks, roll ups, and Velcro straps are used to further increase ease of deployment.

Strength and Durability

Armor Screen is a flexible, transparent membrane designed to withstand even the strongest hurricane winds without rupture, Damage from flying debris will cause replacement of most systems (impact glass, panels, accordion shutters), but not Armor Screen. Armor Screen will not dent or break due to an impact. Armor Screen does not lie directly over the window, the product is flexible and will give as it absorbs the impact. The space need for the give is called deflection spacing, and is determined by the size of the screen. The bigger the window the more give the screen needs. This “give” offers an absorption quality that decelerates the missile after impact. Once the impact occurs the energy of that impact is transferred throughout the entire screen rather then just at the point of impact. This gradual transfer of energy allows a light weight screen to withstand much higher and repetitive impacts without damage. Negative pressure is also a huge weakness for most shutters. If wind gets behind the shutter there is an outward pulling effect on that shutter. This negative pull is the most common reason shutters are torn off, and the bigger the shutter the more vulnerable it is to negative pressure. Armor Screen is 95% solid and 5% open allowing small amounts of pressure through the fabric so the negative pressure never builds up behind the screens. In the situation of a patio or entry way, these areas can allow large amounts of pressure under the overhang increasing the uplift pressure on the roof. Armor Screen will not only keep that pressure from building under the roof but in most cases it can be connected to the structure of the roof pulling down on the roof during the storm. The stronger the wind hits the screen the harder the screen pulls down on the edge of the roof, helping secure the roof.

With Advanced Hurricane Solutions Esthetics is of the up-most importance

Protect your building with no impact on its beauty!

Hardware is almost invisible.



Armor Screen provides freedom of design for architects with strength respected by engineers. Applications that are impossible with other products are accomplished with Armor Screen. Since it's flexible, and the protection for each opening is custom designed and manufactured, it can be adapted to most any architectural designs.

  • Flexible mounting systems adapt to any building.

  • Mounting hardware can be removed and replaced with flat painted caps that are about the size of a dime.

  • Armor Screen covers large spaces and overhangs with an anchor point every 2 feet, not every six inches like most of the shutters systems.

  • Cut outs, and rub patches can be fabricated into the screens to allow for more complicated, architecturally challenging situations.

  • Armor Screen will not trap you in your house. Most screens can be removed from inside the house if needed.

Advanced Hurricane Solutions specializes in hurricane protection that does not change the appearance of your house, commercial building, or high-rise condominium. Our storm protection products are affordable, reliable, solutions that will provide better, stronger, more efficient solutions to most situations.

Insurance Discounts

Over the last few hurricanes it has become quite clear that homes are not protected enough from hurricanes. That is why Florida has introduced laws requiring residential insurers to offer discounts for hurricane mitigation efforts. It is in the best interest of the insurance company to have their policy holders try and protect their homes the best they can. These companies cannot keep taking billion dollar hits with every land falling hurricane. Windstorm discounts require products to pass the strict Miami Dade code, but when approved these discounts can add up. Discounts vary not only from insurer to insurer, but also from areas located near the water to inland areas.

Click on the picture for the Florida Wind Insurance Savings Calculator.
Construction Features

Our products Foam Seal and Armor Screen will help you receive the full amount of savings available to you. Click here

to download your insurance company’s mitigation forms and see the ways Advanced Hurricane Solutions can help protect your home while saving you money.

Contact Us and we'll rush our technical specifications to you.

We're ready to design the perfect hurricane protection system for you.

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Published:  02/14/2012  
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