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Is your home prepared for a category IV or V hurricane?

We are a company committed to bringing our customers the highest quality of hurricane protection available. We specialize in two products that will protect your entire home or business in the event of a hurricane. The Armor Screen is approved for full insurance discounts. The product is transparent, easy to deploy, and amazingly strong. Armor Screen will not only protect windows and doors, this custom made product can protect an entire patio, garage door, carport, bay window. This versatile lightweight fabric can be deployed in a fraction of the time that traditional shutters take.

Windows and doors are not the only parts of your home vulnerable to high winds.  Until now there has not been a cost effective way for a homeowner to reinforce their roof.  What most people donít know is that 50% to 70% of hurricane induced losses are caused by roof failures & water intrusion through the roof.  The Foam Seal Hurricane Adhesive system will strengthen the roof while creating a water tight barrier from inside the attic. Advanced Hurricane Solutions provides more then hurricane protection, we provide peace of mind during the storm.

Armor Screen has a number of advantages over traditional rigid hurricane protection systems.

Advantages of the Armor Screen System

  • Armor Screen is Miami-Dade certified.
  • Armor Screen tests over 195 PSF (276 MPH) in wind pressure test.
  • Winds of 150 MPH will be reduced to 5 MPH as it passes through the screen.
  • Armor Screen is easy to deploy and store, weighting less then 1 oz per sq. ft.
  • Armor Screen can provide code approved protection for the most complicated areas of a home or business.

Advantages of the Foam Seal System

FOAM SEAL is a product that will put an end to the need of thousands of blue tarps after a hurricane.

  • Make your roof over 4 times stronger then nails alone.
  • Stops up to 99% of water intrusion, even when roof shingles and tiles fail.
  • It reduces your windstorm insurance with 2 separate discounts.
    Is applied in less then a day without disturbing occupants.
  • Greatly reduces your chance of dangerous mold spores growing in your home.

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Published:  03/23/2013  
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